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Online Registration


BEFORE you click the "Register Here" buttons below...  NOTE THESE ITEMS:

  • This software assumes you are buying tickets and registering for an event, and so some of the wording may seem odd. Not to worry, the "Ticket" you will receive will serve as your receipt for Registration and Payment. If you opt to pay later we will send you an updated Ticket / Receipt when we receive your payment.

  • The Parent or Guardian email address you enter will be used to send you your Ticket / Receipt, a Welcome Letter, and all other Camp Information. Please be sure email addresses are entered correctly, and that any spam filters will allow "".

  • Each Retreat and Camp Session has its own Registration Area. Be sure you register each Participant and/or Camper for their specific Event.

  • One Camper can be registered at a time, and there is a 20 minute time limit per Camper, so have your info ready to go before beginning.

  • When you click the "Register Here" button for an event Session, you will be asked to enter:

  1. The number of "tickets" (Campers) you are registering - enter "1", then enter

  2. The Buyer's (Parent or Guardian) Name and email, then enter

  3. The Camper's Registration details, then

  4. Confirm that you have read and understand the Presbyterian Camp Policies, then

  5. Payment info - online payment or mail to Buffalo Gap Camp.

  6. The last page is your Ticket / Receipt, which will also be emailed to you. We recommend printing or downloading it at that time, just to be safe.

Online Registration

Step 2

IF you're asked for a password, it's "1921" no quotes. (long story...)

Summer Events Registration






We MUST have these documents!

The State of Texas requires us to have a copy of EACH Camper's immunization records.

​You can either...

* Email them to


* Mail them to us at the address at the bottom of the page.


(if all else fails)

* Bring them with you to Camp - just don't forget!

Questions should be directed to:

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